42. Relaxation in a connected world – meet Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin, founder of Icelandic startup Flow

Is it possible to use digital tools to relax in a connected world? In this special episode of The Be digital Podcast we discuss this together with the founder of the startup Flow, a company from Iceland offering meditation for modern life in VR, virtual reality, or using a mobile app.

Interview with Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin, founder of the Icelandic startup VR-meditation company Flow.

The digital world brings a lots of possibilities but is to many people a source of increased stress. Various studies show how we spend more and more time watching our smartphones, even at night.  

But can the digital world also offer relaxation and decrease stress?

Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin, founder of Icelandic startup Flow, is convinced of that. Flows digital meditation tools offer a mental break on busy days – and move the users to the magical Icelandic scenery.  

Flow are also a part of the accelerator program DigitalWell Ventures in Sweden and Norway. 

Listen to Tristan talk about: 

  • What is Flow and how does it work 
  • The impact when testing the service for the very first time 
  • Taking her experiences from teaching meditation in the real world to the digital world 
  • How the power of nature can be reproduced even through the screen 
  • The development of digital experiences and what we will be doing digitally in another ten years 

That – and much more is what Tristan tells us about in this episode of the Be digital podcast. 


Read more about Flow – and download the VR or mobile app here

Connect with Tristan on LinkedIn

Flow participates in the swedish-norwegian accelerator program DigitalWell Ventures – a part of the DigitalWell Arena initiative run by The Compare Foundation in Sweden.


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